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 BOTY Joe 

                                                           Joe Fraley           



 Joe has been a Barbershop member for nearly thirty six years, in that time he has accomplish much. He began singing Bass in the chorus, and after a couple years, converted to singing Tenor. He then found a niche by joining several quartets, Some of Joe's noteworthy quartets were; Twilight, Gatsby, and Beyond Repair. Some of those editions suceeded in winning medals at the district and International Senior level.

Joe has served the chapter, by being its President, Program VP, Music VP, and Business manager. He also has entertained our audiences with his masterful emcee work, and he still finds time to transport and operate the chapteer sound system. As you may have guessed, he was, and is a very active part of the success of the Canton Chapter, and the Hall Of Fame Chorus.

Joe is a retired pipefitter, having toiled in that profession for forty two years.
He is married, and he and his wife Sharon have a son and daughter.

    The chapter is most pleased to congratulate Joe Fraley, on gaining this award.