Take the first step to join the Canton Chapter and its Hall of Fame Chorus. You will have the time of your life. Membership brings with it many opportunities, joys, and challenges. Come give us a try! Take a few minutes to listen to a presentation by our chorus and some of its members. We think you'll agree, singing barbershop is a whole lot of fun. Click here to listen to the New Member Introduction!


                                                  How To Join

Attend three chapter meetings, then notify the Vice President of Chapter Development to begin the membership process. You will be given a voice audition to determine your vocal range and part placement in the chorus. During the audition, you will be asked to demonstrate the ability to produce an acceptable tone quality, pitch matching ability, and harmonization with other parts. You are NOT required to be proficient in reading music, however, it would be helpful, and you should be able to carry a tune.


Once you have met the requirements for membership in the chapter, you will be given voice part training tapes to learn the current repertoire. You will also be issued staging and choreography materials to assist in becoming a "riser qualified" member.


For additional information, contact Matt Moody



The Canton Chapter meets each Wednesday evening at Trinity United Church of Christ located at 3909 Blackburn Road N.W., Canton Ohio. [phone: 330-492-3383]  The meetings begin promptly at 7:30 PM, and generally last three hours. The rehearsal consists of a structured warm up, a craft session, and learning of new music. This is followed by announcements and a short break. The meeting concludes with rehearsing of repertoire songs, contest music, and show music. Please click here for a map



The competition uniform consists of a black tuxedo with white shirt and black accessories. We also have red accessories to accompany the tuxedo. You will be required to purchase a pair of black patent leather shoes.


The chorus has a traveling uniform which consists of tan pants and burgundy shirt (with logo) and also a casual uniform of tan pants, blue shirt and navy blazer. Each new member will be assessed a fee to procure a complete uniform, part of which will be reimbursed upon resignation of membership.